Blue Earth, Inc. and subsidiaries (NASDAQ:BBLU) is a comprehensive provider of energy efficiency and alternative/renewable energy solutions for small and medium sized commercial and industrial facilities. Blue Earth also owns, manages and operates independent power generation systems constructed in conjunction with these services.

Our turnkey energy solutions enable our customers to reduce or stabilize their energy related expenditures and lessen the impact of their energy use on the environment. Our services include the development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance and in some cases, financing of small and medium scale alternative/renewable energy power plants including solar PV, Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) or on-site cogeneration and fuel cells.

We build, own and operate the power plant or build it for the customer to own. As we continue to expand our core energy services business to becoming an independent power producer (“IPP”) we will sell the electricity, hot water, heat and cooling generated by the power plants that we own under long-term power purchase agreements (“PPA”) to utilities, and long-term take or pay contracts to our industrial customers. Blue Earth also finances alternative and renewable energy projects through industry relationships.

We provide our customers with a variety of measures to improve the efficiency of their facilities’ energy consumption by designing, developing, engineering, installing, operating, maintaining and monitoring their major building systems, including refrigeration, lighting and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

We offer our utility customers, energy efficiency programs, such as our proprietary Keep Your Cool™ refrigeration program, adopted by nineteen utilities, targeted to their small and medium-sized commercial customers.

Our utility based, rate-payer incentive programs, are designed to help commercial businesses use less energy through the upgrade of existing equipment with new, more efficient equipment that helps reduce demand for electricity, lower energy bills and also enable utilities to satisfy state-mandated energy reduction goals. In addition to designing and administering the utility program, we perform the technical audits, sell the program to the commercial customer and in most instances, provide the installation of the equipment.

We have continued to expand our comprehensive energy solutions business through strategic acquisitions of companies that have been providing energy solutions to an established customer base or have developed a proprietary technology that can be utilized by our customers to improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs and provide a better overall operating environment.

 The acquired companies operational activities are being conducted through the following business units: Blue Earth Solar; Blue Earth CHP; Blue Earth EMS; Blue Earth PPS and Blue Earth EPS. The primary strategic objective for the respective business units is to establish and build brand awareness about the comprehensive energy solutions provided by Blue Earth to its existing and future customers.

Proprietary technologies owned by Blue Earth are the PeakPower® System (PPS) and the UPStealth System (EPS).

The PeakPower® System is a patented demand response, cloud based technology, that allows remote, wireless monitoring of refrigeration units, lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning in thousands of facilities such as super markets and food processing, restaurants and C-stores, drug and discount stores.

The technology enables, Blue Earth PPS, to provide energy monitoring and control solutions with real-time decision support to protect our customers’ assets by preventing costly equipment failures and food product losses.

Our PeakPower® System also serves as a platform to enter into long-term services agreements that allow most types of refrigeration equipment failures to be predicted, thereby enabling preventive servicing based on need rather than periodic, scheduled and costly service calls.

Our patent pending UPStealth is the lead-acid free, energy efficient, intelligent digital battery backup system that was designed to power signalized intersections during loss of utility power.

UPStealth is designed as an alternative to lead-acid battery backup systems, enabling Blue Earth EPS, to provide its customers with an environmentally friendly product that is completely recyclable with no issues of hazardous out-gassing, corrosion, flammable or explosive characteristics. 

The UPStealth battery backup system can be formed in various configurations that allow the intelligent battery to bend around corners and fit into spaces that cannot be accessed by traditional battery backup systems.

Compared to lead-acid battery backup systems, our innovative UPStealth™ energy power solution’s cost of ownership is less, requires less maintenance, performs several years longer, and eliminates costly hazardous disposal issues.

We also offer a finance program, which allows cities and municipalities to replace existing systems without capital expenditures.

There are several other market verticals where our proprietary technologies can be applied, separately, or in combination, as a viable, cost effective solution. Examples include: services for data centers, oil and natural gas wells, remote cell towers, risk management services, and demand response systems to decrease energy usage during peak load pricing periods charged by utilities.

There are several components to a comprehensive energy solutions program. These include energy efficiency measures such LED lighting, motion sensors, lighting controls, upgrades to the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) and to the refrigeration systems of commercial and industrial facilities. The energy efficiency measures can be combined with solar PV, and other alternative/renewable energy technologies like combined heat and power (CHP) solutions such as fuel cells, turbines and reciprocating natural gas engines. In short, the greatest impact to substantially reducing energy consumption and costs is to use a combination of these solutions.

Contact Blue Earth, Inc. to find out how your company can benefit from a thoughtful approach to addressing your combined energy savings needs.

We strive to participate in the global movement for a sustainable planet by offering products and services that optimize energy use, reduce harmful environmental emissions and substantially reduce energy costs to our customers.