Why Blue Earth?

Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Planet.

Blue Earth Inc builds, manages, owns and operates independent power generation and management systems that give you the ”Freedom to Choose Your Energy Destiny”. These comprehensive energy efficiency and alternative/renewable solutions help commercial and industrial building owners save energy, save money---and reduce their carbon footprint.  

Our team of experts walk building owners through every step of the plan, mapping out their energy needs and offering turnkey solutions and custom designed services that include: development, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, and even financing of small and medium scale alternative/renewable energy power plants. Blue Earth solutions include Solar, Combined Heat and Power, Co-Generation, Control Systems and the next generation of environmentally friendly Battery Backup and Storage Systems.

Through strategic acquisitions, we have expanded our comprehensive energy solutions to include the following business units: Blue Earth Solar; Blue Earth CHP; Blue Earth Energy Management Services; Blue Earth Power Performance Solutions and Blue Earth Energy Power Solutions. The primary strategic objective for the respective business units is to provide comprehensive energy solutions including a combined offering called the Energy Shopping NetworkTM.

Blue Earth Divisions

BE Solar – Blue Earth Solar is the PhotoVoltaic (PV) division for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of distributed solar energy generation for commercial and industrial customers.

Distributed Solar PV systems offer our customer the benefit of producing their electricity needs onsite, thereby reducing their dependence on the power grid for their energy requirements. At Blue Earth Solar we build, own and operate the power plant or we can build it for the customer to own.

Nearly every type of facility can benefit from solar power. Whether the facility operates only during standard business hours or around the clock, it can take advantage of this “free” resource, with or without an energy storage solution.

BE Combined Heat and Power: Blue Earth CHP builds and operates combined heat and power plants for larger manufacturing and processing facilities. Blue Earth CHP designs, engineers, and constructs appropriately sized
 co-generation systems to match the thermal requirements of the host facility.

In most cases, electricity produced is in excess of the facility requirements and is sold back to the local power utility. Customers save at least 10% on first year energy savings and sign long-term power and thermal purchase agreements in order to fix costs.

Blue Earth CHP owns and operates the co-generation system and performs all engineering and construction work at no cost to the host. Our engineering staff has over 110 years of experience in the power industry and has worked with both
reciprocating and turbine generators.

BE Generator: Based in New York, BE Generator has hundreds of years of combined experience in all phases of power generation. Our team of experienced consultants, developers, engineers, service technicians and financial professionals can provide customers all the services necessary in completing and running a successful power generation system.

BE Energy Power Solutions: Blue Earth EPS provides battery backup systems and battery storage. Our patent pending UPStealth® backup battery system is a lead-acid free, 98% efficient, intelligent digital battery backup system that powers signalized intersections during loss of utility power. UPStealth® , with its Nickel Zinc chemistry is designed as an alternative to lead-acid battery backup systems, enabling Blue Earth EPS to provide its customers with an environmentally friendly product. The UPStealth®, and intelligent battery management technology, gives EPS the ability to create products for numerous vertical markets beyond the traffic industry including data centers and telecom.

BE Power Performance Solutions: Blue Earth PPS’ patented system architecture and Real-Time Intelligence Edge (RTi Edge) product line uses hardware and software to provide bi-directional communication and distributed control across a broad range of electro-mechanical systems including solar, HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, security and much more. Continuous commissioning optimizes system performance while collecting pre-emptive maintenance data. Doing so increases energy efficiency, equipment lifespan, and reduces energy usage and cost.

BE Energy Shopping NetworkTM : Blue Earth Inc. offers building owners, what we like to call, “the freedom to choose your energy destiny”. The Energy Shopping NetworkTM is an all-in-one system putting you in control of your energy usage. Blue Earth Inc. has carefully assembled a family of businesses offering Solar, Combined Heat and Power, Generators, Battery Storage, Energy Efficiency Measures and Controls into a single product that can reduce a building’s utility derived energy usage and therefore its carbon footprint. By putting Solar on the roof, power generators on site, utilizing battery storage, integrating energy efficiency measures and controls we can determine the best source of energy 24/7, 365 days a year.

BE Capital: BE Capital is a private investment and lending vehicle managed by a team of experienced industry and credit investment professionals focused on the clean tech and renewable energy, energy, power and infrastructure sectors.  The team has extensive experience sourcing, analyzing, structuring, monitoring and exiting both private and public credit investments. BE Capital is focused on the renewable, energy, power and infrastructure space with an emphasis on energy efficiency.  Investment projects typically include customized solutions such as cogeneration, combined heat and power and solar.  The criteria of each investment include stable cash flows, improving operations and efficiency and sustainable energy and infrastructure.