Blue Earth Energy Power Solutions

Next Generation in Energy Power Solutions

Blue Earth EPS is a division of Blue Earth, Inc. and is the energy power solutions division for battery backup systems. Blue Earth EPS has fulfilled its original mission by developing and manufacturing the next generation in energy power solutions. Our patent pending UPStealth® is the lead-acid free, energy efficient, intelligent digital battery backup management system designed to power signalized intersections during loss of utility power.

 UPStealth® is designed as an alternative to lead-acid battery backup systems, enabling Blue Earth EPS, to provide its customers with an environmentally friendly product that is completely recyclable with no issues of hazardous out-gassing, corrosion, flammable or explosive characteristics. 

The UPStealth® battery backup system can be formed in various configurations that allow the intelligent battery to bend around corners and fit into spaces that cannot be accessed by traditional battery backup systems.

Compared to lead-acid battery backup systems, our innovative UPStealth® energy power solution’s has a lower cost of ownership, requires less maintenance, performs several years longer, and eliminates costly hazardous disposal issues and in most cases provide twice the energy in less space.

Our customers have expressed their excitement about UPStealth® by calling it “superior to current battery backup systems in many ways relative to the life of the product, intelligent diagnostic features, weight, form factor and is more price competitive in terms of maintenance and installation requirements.”

We also offer a finance program, which allows cities and municipalities to replace existing systems without capital expenditures.

There are several other market verticals where our proprietary UPStealth® can be applied, separately, or in combination, as a viable, cost effective, alternative energy power solution. Certain products in development are being designed to replace lithium ion batteries for products that are transported in airplanes.

Other applications include: services for data centers, oil and natural gas wells, remote cell towers, risk management services, and demand response systems to decrease energy usage during peak load pricing periods charged by utilities.

To find out how much your company will benefit from a thoughtful approach to your energy savings needs, contact Blue Earth EPS at the follow places:
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